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Plasticity of the Nuclear Pore Complex and gene expression

A 2 years postdoctoral position funded by ANR is available in the team of Catherine Dargemont. Start date is from May 2016.

This project focuses on the role of post-translational modifications of the NPC on the gene expression program in yeast. A specific expertise in cellular biology and advanced microscopy is required in order to tackle this project at a single cell level.


The Nuclear Pore Complex in the DNA damage response

A 18-months postdoctoral position funded by INCA is available in the team of Catherine Dargemont. Start date is from May 2016.

This project aims to provide insight into the understanding of how the different components of the nuclear pore complex are orchestrated to preserve genomic integrity and coordinate DNA repair with chromosome architecture. We approach these fundamental cellular questions in both yeast and human cells through a consortium made by three groups leaded by C. Dargemont, E. Soutoglou, V. Géli with unique, complementary and synergistic areas of expertise.

For both positions, a doctoral degree, experience in cellular and molecular biology, and proficiency in English, are required. Interested candidates should send a motivation letter, a CV,

a list of publications and three reference letters to C. Dargemont (Cette adresse e-mail est protégée contre les robots spammeurs. Vous devez activer le JavaScript pour la visualiser.).


Catherine Dargemont


Selected Recent Pubications

Niño et al. (2016) Posttranslational marks control architectural and functional plasticity of the nuclear pore complex basket. (2016) J. Cell Biol. 212:167-180. 

Guet et al. (2015) Combining Spinach-tagged RNA and gene localization to image gene expression in live yeast. Nature Commun. 6:8882, doi: 10.1038/ncomms9882. 

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Ossareh-Nazari et al. (2014) Ubiquitylation by the Ltn1 E3 ligase protects 60S ribosomes from nutrient starvation-induced selective autophagy. J. Cell Biol. 204(6): 909-917. 

Margaritis et al. (2012) Dimethymethyletion of H3K4 by Set1 represses transcription of a subset of coding genes by promoting 3’-end antisense RNA production. PLoS Genetics. 8(9): e1002952. 

Vitaliano-Prunier et al. (2012) Mol Cell. 1: 132-139. H2B ubiquitylation controls the formation of export-competent mRNP. 

Hayakawa, A. et al. (2012) Ubiquitylation of the nuclear pore complex controls nuclear migration during mitosis in S. cerevisiae. J. Cell Biol. 1:19-27. 


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